4 Things Your Doctor Did Not Tell You about the Paleo Diet

The paleo diet has taken the world by storm over the last few years. There are several outlandish claims and misinformation regarding the paleo diet, both against and for.
Paleo diet is actually referred to the diet that was followed by our ancestors several thousand years back. This means that you have to avoid consuming processed food and other items that cavemen did not have access to. Your diet will include fruit, vegetable, meat, root, and seafood.
However, there are some facts regarding paleo diet that your doctor might not have told you.
Nobody Knows What the Caveman Ate
The anthropologists tell us what the caveman ate during those times. However, their study is based on the cave drawings and the fossil remains of the ancestors. There is no certainty that this hunter-gatherer actually ate those foods. It is assumed that they eat nuts, fruits, seeds, and plants that they come across.
Thus, when you hear a paleo dietician say eat like a caveman; do not take it as an iron-clad fact. The Paleo diet is eating like what you think the caveman consumed.
The Paleo Diet Is Not the Same for Everybody
You need to keep in mind that the paleo diet is the same for every person. The idea is to adopt the basic paleo food and then build on this diet on the basis of the food choices. The diet should suit your individual health requirement. It is simply about what is right for you.
The Biggest Benefit of Paleo Diet isn’t What You Know
Foods that are eaten on the basic paleo diet comprise of pasture raised meat, seasoned vegetables, wild seafood, fruits, and some seeds and nuts. However, this is not about calories. One of the primary benefits of this diet is a reduction of the inflammation of the body.
This can be achieved by adopting a diet that is low-inflammatory and through a lifestyle approach to paleo. This also includes getting proper sleep, exercising, and reducing stress. Only of you adopt this regime will you be able to have a healthy body.
Paleo Diet Doesn’t Solve All Problems
The paleo diet isn’t going to solve all your problems. It will automatically make your skin better, help you develop big muscles, and give you a flat stomach. This isn’t going to make you the healthiest person alive. It might be a healthy choice to live but it is not a quick fix to your problems.
The paleo diet is a good mental model that can get people started on the making healthier and informed food choices. However, you need to keep in mind, depending on your lifestyle; the paleo diet may or may not have an effect on your body.
It is a fact that paleo diet generally features large of nourishing and healthy fats and protein but not in amount that is more than the human requirement. Simply because you are following the paleo diet, it does not mean that you have to gorge on coconut oil, bacon, nuts, and a large quantity of vegetables. There is room for adjustment, so customize according to what is best for you.

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