Paleo Diet: 4 Kosher Paleo Recipes

Each religion has some dietary laws, restrictions, and guidelines. The paleo diet is enabling many people to attain health goals. However, the question is can the paleo diet be adapted to harmonize religious restrictions on food and is paleo kosher possible? For the most part, such adaptations are possible and are pretty simple. Here are some easy kosher paleo recipes that you can cook.
Peppermint Hot Chocolate
If it cold outside then it is perfect time to indulge in some paleo peppermint hot chocolate. It is creamy but completely dairy free. This hot chocolate is prepared with cacao powder. All you need is cacao powder and coconut milk and. The coconut milk helps in making the hot chocolate more creamy and decadent. There is no gum or any other additives. If you think that the coconut milk is too thick then you can add water to it and improve the consistency. This hot chocolate recipe is easy and can be prepared according to your preference. If you have to make it sweet, you can add peppermint or honey.
Simple Roasted Tomatoes
This is a simple dish which is quick and easy to prepare. When you roast the tomatoes it brings out the natural sweetness of it. You can also use grape tomatoes or cherry tomatoes for this recipe. You do not require any measure, just put the tomatoes drizzling with olive oil and sprinkling with pepper and salt. Now, roast the tomatoes until they burst open and start caramelizing. This is great as a side dish.
Turkey and Raspberry Salad
Turkey along with raspberry salad and the walnut vinaigrette is a great change from the heavy dishes that you eat. All you need is walnut oil, lemon juice, champagne vinegar, mustard, honey, freshly grounded pepper, and salt, 12 ounces of chopped turkey, torn lettuce, avocado peeled and sliced, one-fourth cup of walnut chopped roughly, and 6 ounces of raspberry.
Mix walnut oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and mustard. Thereafter combine turkey, lettuce, and avocado and drizzle the dressing. Chop the raspberry and walnuts to add to the mixture. Serve by adding the remaining dressing.
Classic Roast Chicken
This is one of the oldest and finest chicken recipes in the world. For this recipe, you need pastured whole roaster or broiler, onion sliced into disks, lemon or any other citrus fruit, fresh thyme sprigs, sage sprigs, rosemary sprigs, salt, and black pepper to taste. You will also need one cup of wine or water for deglazing.
Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Now, arrange the slices of onion at the bottom of the pan. Place the chicken on the onion after washing and drying it. Season the chicken inside out. Thereafter take a knife and pierce the lemon deep inside the bird along with the herbs. Roast the chicken for one hour the juices near the thigh joint is running clear. Remove the chicken from the pan and allow it to rest for ten minutes. When the chicken is resting deglaze it with wine or water.
It is not at all difficult to ensure that your paleo diet is completely kosher. With such recipes, staying healthy is an o

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