The Historical Perspective of the Contemporary Paleo Diet

The paleo diet is the most popular inclination around. Starting from celebrities to high-end restaurants, everybody is taking notice of the principles of paleo. In fact, some people are of the opinion that this turned out to be mainstream. With the popularity of the diet, there has been an increase in its supporters, as well as critics.
What is Paleo Diet?
Though we might consider ourselves to be at the top of human development, our present-day food manufacturing processes haven’t led to the procreation of super-humans by offering greater longevity and health.
In fact, quite, on the contrary, humans are suffering from debilitating and chronic diseases more than before. No doubt the food that you are eating places a major role in this.
During the Paleolithic age, several thousands of years ago, people mainly ate fruits, vegetables, nuts, and meat depending on the availability and season. Based on the scientific study of the food that human ancestors ate the fundamental component of this diet is lean meat. This includes the meat of bison and ostriches along with organic meats, fresh fruits, seafood, and also non-starchy vegetables. This is absolutely different from the normal diet of people.
At present, these staples have been replaced with high fructose, refined sugar, cereal, potatoes, bread, corn syrup, and pasteurized milk products. Most of the people hardly consume fruits, nuts, vegetables, and roots lesser than their ancestors.
The true strength of the paleo diet is normalizing the system simply by consuming food, which is concordant with the genetic ancestry. This way, you will be able to avoid several diseases, which are connected to the modern diet.
What do Critics Have to Argue About the Paleo Principle?
It is difficult to argue against replacing modern processed foods with the natural whole foods. However, authenticators have to argue that paleo diet might be too restrictive for people and can put the strict followers at a risk of nutritional deficiencies. Critics also have to say that it can be unrealistic to follow for the common people.
The criticism surrounds the fact that the diet restricts dairy and grains from its list. In fact, the exclusion of grains is taken to be one of the main reasons that paleo diet is a healthy diet. Critics mention there are minimal researches regarding the benefits of the diet,
Research says that paleo diet is unrealistic since there weren’t any seasonable foods to be eaten by the cavemen. The modern era food habit is not dictated by the environment. Instead, it is ruled by the choices that are available to you at the supermarkets. As a matter of fact, you might not be able to find a certain variety of wild plant foods, which used to be eaten by the caveman since modern agriculture has taken over the food supply. It has been shrunken to varieties of corn, wheat, and diversified other plant foods. You will be able to mold your lifestyle around a paleo diet only by tweaking the way you are shopping for things.

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